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2017 ADSA Posters

2015 ADSA Posters

Comparative bioavailability of lysine in three commercially available rumenprotected lysine products using the in vivo plasma lysine response method Effect of Dietary Starch Content on the Occurrence of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) and Inflammation in Fresh Dairy Cows Evaluation of Rumen Undegradable Protein Sources on Lactational Performance of Holstein Dairy Cows Effects of stocking density and source of forage fiber on short-term behavioral and lactational responses of Holstein dairy cows

2014 ADSA Posters

Comparative determination of the bioavailability of lysine in two rumen ‐ protected lysine products using the in vivo plasma lysine response method The Effect of Pre-weaning Feeding and Housing Strategy on Calf Growth Performance and Behavior Following Post-weaning Housing Transition Lactational response of Holstein cows to brown midrib-3 or leafy-floury corn silage The Effects of Feeding Strategy and Housing Management on Intake and Growth Performance of Holstein Calves from Birth through Weaning Evaluation of Celmanax® SCP on Lactational Performance and Ruminal Fermentation of Holstein Dairy Cows Fed Corn Silage Based Diets with a Moderate Starch Content

2013 ADSA Posters

Physiological and Transcriptional Adaptations in Skeletal Muscle of Holstein Cows in Response to Plane of Dietary Protein during Early Lactation Effect of Calving Management on Calf Vitality, Blood Gas, Behavior, and Intake for 24 Hours after Birth Effect of Calving Environment on the Behavior, Metabolism, and Milk Yield of Holstein Heifers Using DHI Data to Develop Extension Dairy Programs in Northern New York Range in Starch Content and Digestibility of Common Starch Sources in US and Japan and their Effect on in vitro Microbial Biomass Production when Incorporated into Total Mixed Rations Effect of Dietary and Metabolizable Protein in Early Lactation on the Lactational Performance and Metabolism of Dairy Cows

2012 ADSA Posters

Assessment of Lysine Released from Rumen-Protected Lysine Products Exposed to High and Low Moisture TMR over 24 Hours Does Mechanical Mixing of TMR Compromise Protection Efficacy of Rumen-Protected Lysine Products? Passage of Liquid and Fiber Particles in Dairy Cows Fed Diets Differing in NDF from Conventional and BMR Corn Silages Lactational Performance, Chewing Behavior, and Ruminal Fermentation of Dairy Cows fed Diets Differing in Amount and Digestibility of NDF from Two Sources of Corn Silage Amount and Digestibility of NDF Affects Rumen Nutrient Pool Sizes and Passage Kinetics of Dairy Cows Effect of Carbohydrate Source on Performance and Ruminal Responses of Dairy Cows Fed Low-Starch Diets